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Aluminum sulfate and iron sulfate will lower the pH more.

Feb 18, Pruning Tips for Gorgeous Loropetalums. Timing. Plan your pruning for spring after plants have finished flowering, otherwise, you risk cutting off the flower buds. Form.

Part of the beauty of loropetalum lies in its free-flowing, natural form. Keep this in mind as you prune by making cuts at different lengths to maintain the shrub’s natural Kim Toscano. May 17, Pruned during the appropriate season, the evergreen shrubs tolerate severe pruning and grow rapidly, so any loropetalum pruning errors are quickly forgotten. Best Time for Trimming Loropetalums. According to experts, it is best to delay pruning a loropetalum until spring, after it Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

There are white flowered shrubs as well as ones with ruby red flowers.

Aug 09, Maintenance or light pruning or shearing of Loropetalum for shaping purposes can be performed almost any time of year.

To avoid frost damage to new growth that is stimulated by pruning, cease pruning two months prior to the average first frost date in your treefall.pwg: Tavernier FL. It can even be sheared into a formal hedge or trained flat against a wall. You can cut it back as far as needed.

However, now is not the time, because it sets flower buds in summer. If you trim it now, you won't get any blooms in late winter and early spring. Wait Author: Steve Bender. Prune Chinese fringe bush at the right time of year to avoid the loss of next year's flowers. Avoid late summer and fall pruning as flowers are forming at this time. Cut back the shrub in the Missing: Tavernier FL. In my experience, loropetalum is very tolerant of pruning.

Even so, it will put out new leaves much quicker if you wait until spring to do major cutting. There’s no reason you can’t do some thinning or topping now but my preference would be for you to wait until late February Missing: Tavernier FL.

You can even prune your shrub into a loropetalum tree form if you wish. If you are going to do a major trim, the best time to prune loropetalums is after they are done flowering in spring so you do not cut off any forming flower buds.

These low maintenance shrubs generally require no pruning except to maintain the desired size.

These spring flowering shrubs can tolerate light pruning at any time of the treefall.pwg: Tavernier FL. Caring for Loropetalum chinense is easy and its hardiness makes it almost invulnerable to most diseases as it does to insect attacks or parasites.

No pruning is actually needed, particularly so because its growth is rather slow. Remove dead/dry wood regularly, especially at the end of treefall.pwg: Tavernier FL.

Each year after blooming you will need to prune back the new growth in order to promote denser growth in hopes of regaining the plants canopy as you liked it. The heavy pruning that was done may also promote some sucker growth sprouting from the base of the treefall.pwg: Tavernier FL.

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