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Now, imagine that you take the outer row or two of maples, and.

Jun 09, Wildlife biologist and NDA Chief Conservation Officer, Kip Adams, discusses which trees are ideal for hinge cutting to improve whitetail deer habitat. He cuts 9 different species that are very common throughout the whitetails range and discusses how well, or how poorly they hinge cut - and whether or not they should just be girdled, or treefall.pwg: Lutz FL.

Hunters are not the only predators that deer are concerned with. A chainsaw, the right tools and some planning transformed this woodlot into and ideal hinge cut bedding and safe zone. Hinge cutting trees for deer is one of the best ways to immediately improve the deer Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Oct 05, Hinge cutting makes open areas thicker and creates feeding, bedding and cover for deer. Hinge cutting also enables mast-producing trees to get more nutrients and water to produce more acorns and soft mast for the deer.

To hinge cut non-valuable trees, we use a chainsaw and cut into the tree, but we don’t cut all the way through the tree. We use a wedge like one you use to split logs, and we drive that wedge into the cut that we've just made on the tree Missing: Lutz FL. Jan 02, The mechanics of making a hinge cut are actually very simple.

Buck and Doe Bedding Areas 4.

When finished, you should have a tree that looks like the one in the top photo. In order to make a hinge cut, you want to cut straight through the tree about 60%. A good rule of thumb is that you only want to cut the tree far enough for you to pull or push it treefall.pwted Reading Time: 6 mins. Aug 23, Trees that would be tough to split for firewood such as elm can be hinged at the larger end of the diameter spectrum.

Also, trees lose their flexibility in colder temperatures and are more likely to break off during hinging, top-killing the tree. Typically, hinge cutting conditions are good when the weather is warm and the tree fluids are treefall.pwg: Lutz FL.

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